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Should you allow your dog on the sofa?

Can my dog ​​get on the sofa? Is it okay to let your dog go to your bed? These are questions for many dog ​​owners. There are also a lot of people who think that dogs shouldn’t be able to get on the sofa, especially not on the bed. For some, it is simply a personal preference. Others think it can cause aggression or other behavioral problems.

So can my dog ​​get on the couch?

Is there anything wrong with letting a dog sleep in your bed or climb on the sofa? The answer is no. Dogs love to curl up on the sofa and on the bed. It is often pleasant for them. They also like to spend time in places where there is the smell of their master. At the end of the day, it’s up to you to decide the rules of your household and stay consistent. Here are some tips to help you decide what’s best for your dog and your home.

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Slide the curtain, please.

Behavioral Effects on Dogs

Despite what some still say, letting your dog get on the couch will not make him dominant. Already because dominance does not exist. He won’t suddenly cause aggression. However, be careful not to inadvertently reinforce certain behaviors where you will send the wrong message. For example, it would be unfortunate if your dog was doing territory protection on the couch or on your bed.

Making these places banned temporarily or permanently is possible for several reasons. You may have trouble sleeping with your dog in the bed. In fact, when he is sleeping, your dog may even attack you because he feels disturbed. You can choose when and where your dog is allowed, but it takes some learning for the dog. You can’t allow your dog to come up whenever he wants, except to get him out as soon as his paws are dirty. Remember, a dog needs consistency to understand what environment they are living in. Don’t feel guilty for spending time with your dog on the couch. But, don’t make these moments frustrating for the dog.
Finally, if you have young children at home, it is best not to let the dog get on the couch when they are there. Indeed, imagine a child playing on the sofa and disturbing the sleeping dog. This can cause the dog to be on the defensive mode, and even lead to pinching.

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Concerns for dirt

Many owners prefer to keep their dogs away from their furniture for fear of dirt. To go further, some people are even worried about zoonoses that can be transmitted between humans and dogs. However, if you keep your dog healthy, the risk is very minimal.
Whether or not you allow your dog on the couch, your dog should always make vet check-ups. Regular grooming also helps the dog to stay healthy. If you don’t want your dog to get on the couch or bed, that’s your right as well. But, you will also have to teach your dog. Keep in mind that an apprenticeship does not consist of punishments. Take the time to teach him.

Keep your dog away from your sofa

Even a dog who is allowed to go on the couch should have a place reserved for him. This allows him to be able to isolate himself. To prevent your dog from getting on the couch, education sessions will be necessary. But not only that. Your dog should have a pleasant place devoted to him. Indeed, many dogs like comfort. It is therefore necessary to find him the place and the bed that suits him.
It is equally important to make sure that your dog does not have access to the sofa / bed while you are away. During your absence, you can leave your dog alone in your backyard for the first time. You can also put chairs, bubble wrap or even baskets. This will make the area uncomfortable.

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It is so soft, that I am starting to melt.

Teach your dog to get to his basket

Teaching your dog to go to his basket is very easy. But, like any exercise, this will require several repetitions. Here are 5 steps to help your dog stay at his basket:
1- Take treats, toys or both, depending on what your dog prefers. Lure him to his mat.
2- As soon as your dog is inside, reward him.
3- Repeat this exercise for 5 minutes a day, until your dog naturally anticipates entering the basket.
4- Just before your dog enters the basket say the command, like “to the basket”. Reward him as soon as he’s in it. At this stage, the dog is still lured.
5- It will be the hardest part. She will gradually ask for the decoy to be erased, then be able to ask the dog to go to her basket without you being next to it. The dog will be rewarded regularly for staying in his basket.

Tip ++: you can keep occupancy toys in your dog’s basket. The basket should NEVER become a penalty area. Finally, NO ONE should disturb the dog sleeping in his area. If your dog gets on the couch, be sure to ask him to get off (you can even lure him) and reward him as soon as he does.

Can my dog get on the sofa? The answer is “yes”, but ultimately the decision is up to you. It’s up to you to guide your dog so that he can “do well”.

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