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How to play with your dog

Tug of war with a grown brown dog

Dogs are social beings and one of the ways they develop themselves is through play. It is a juvenile characteristic that is quite pleasant for humans. Playing with your dog regularly will help understand its personality. It will strengthen your bond. Play keeps dogs from getting bored and helps maintain physical health if they are restrained. Well-controlled play allows dogs to use their natural predatory abilities. Finally, play can prevent inappropriate behavior from developing.

What do dogs like to play?

It depends on the dog’s personality. Watch what your dog does when he’s excited. Does your dog chase, grab, or jump over objects? Experiment with a few different toys and with it mimic your dog’s natural play behavior.

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Why do Dogs Yawn?

Labrador puppy yawning while sitting on a blanket in the park

Why do dogs yawn: the obvious answer is because they are tired. But is that the only reason? Well not really.

Why do dogs yawn: what’s the point of yawning?

Yawns are not fully understood in either dogs or humans. Yawning is often attributed to an involuntary reflex (something that we can’t really control) in humans to help us control our oxygen and carbon dioxide levels. Another theory is that yawning stretches the lungs and lung tissue. Stretching and yawning can be a way to flex muscles and joints, increase heart rate, and feel more awake.

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Noise and hazards for dogs during the Christmas holidays

puppy bulldog in Santa Claus clothes nibbling on Christmas decoration

Christmas is a holiday that often brings the family together! Most owners gladly include their dog in these festivities. But, around Christmas time there can be a lot of accidents and dog poisoning related to the holiday season. Indeed, if for us Christmas is a celebration, it is not the case for our pets, which … Read more Noise and hazards for dogs during the Christmas holidays