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    Welcome to our blog!


Welcome to our blog!

It was made by the dog lovers for the dog lovers with one simple question in mind how can we make your and your best friends’ life better?

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On Dog’s Digest blog you will find informative articles about dog care, health, nutrition, training and education and texts dedicated to presenting specific breeds. In a certain way we try to have a lifestyle magazine approach. Our vision is to encourage the people to share different experiences with their dogs.

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On the more serious note, we feel that the dog is equally significant family member as any person is. So in our texts we write about dog’s emotional development and their place in the household. We try to raise the awareness of significance of dog having his own space in the house where he can be by himself. Besides these issues we address also the every year problem of noise and firework traumas during the Christmas Holidays and try to emphasize how important it is to approach to your dog with patience and love in these for it difficult period of year.

So in a nutshell welcome, expect quality texts about man’s best friend. Oh! And feel free to contact us!

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Any activity can be enjoyable for our furry friends if we are patient and approach them with love