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The top 10 bad reasons to adopt a dog

Who has never cracked in front of a puppy’s face! There are often good reasons to adopt a dog. But what if we first talked about the bad ones?

1 Rational or whimsical adoption?

The first reasons is the impulse. We see a dog in a shop window, in a market or at a dog show. You may have even come across an ad for dog shelter. In any case… you fall for it! Unfortunately, the ideal of living with a dog isn’t always reality. As we know, adopting is a big responsibility. Making an impulse purchase could be prevented by reflecting on the matter.

Thinking is essential because we take responsibility for a life. Have you thought about what to do with your dog for the holidays? Are you ready to go to the vet when needed? Have you thought about his education? At the time that you can devote to it 365 days a year for at least ten years? Make a list related to the needs of your future dog: educational material (leash, lanyard, harness / collar), identification, vaccine, basket, toy, investment of time, money, etc. Are you ready for him to change! And yes, he won’t be a puppy forever. His needs will change accordingly. So there is no room for whim adoptions.

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Rational or whimsical adoption?

2 It is too beautiful!

In fact you love the face of this dog. Besides, you are a big fan of his physique! He is so cute, adorable and gorgeous! How not to crack? The cocker spaniel eyes he makes in the photo or behind the window melts your heart. You leave with him. But are you familiar with his needs? Is he always so cute when he pees and poops on your carpet, because you are away 8 hours a day minimum? Do you still love him so much when he bites you with his sharp little teeth? And what about the neighbors who are already complaining about your puppy’s barking! You cannot adopt an animal for its physical appearance. He’s not “just” a physique. It is an animal with needs and especially dog ​​reactions. If, you’re not ready to devote, better don’t adopt.

3 We don’t refuse a gift, do we?

The dog is a sensitive being and not an object to be offered. The classic case is the family who gives a puppy to the grandmother without having told her before. This is catastrophic, since the arrival of the dog is not prepared by the future owner. The gift dog is a responsibility that is imposed on the other person and there are great chances that it will be abandoned.

4 Adoption out of pity

Adoption out of feeling pity for a dog is a reason often discussed. Indeed, the dog in the kennel or the dog behind the window of the pet store can be a disturbing sight. So we often want to help him, to get him out of there and become his savior. But, the dog is still a social animal that needs activity. And the act of rescuing him from the shelter is not enough.

Not because he’s ungrateful, but simply because he will have behaviors typical of his species such as: barking, biting or nibbling, digging holes, running around, etc. So if you want the dog to be really happy, it’s not enough to just get him out of where he is. He needs to find the responsible family that will suit his personality.

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5 “It’s to empower children!”

This is a reason often given. Taking a dog helps children grow up and take responsibility. However, children learn from the adults around them. So, a dog must be under the responsibility of an adult. Children can help, but they shouldn’t be in charge of the animal. It is not the child who will be able to check that the dog is doing well, who will have to take him to the vet, feed him or even take him out. If you want to make your children responsible, it should be a family endeavor.

6 Because I have a backyard with garden

A popular misconception is that you take a dog on the day you have a backyard. Like the backyard itself, was enough to make a dog happy. The backyard is seen as just another room in the house. Even though this one is very large. To be well and happy, the dog must be able to explore every day outside his backyard.

7 To make company to the other dog

You already have a bored or messy dog ​​in the house. You tell yourself that by taking a second dog this will no longer be the case. Well not necessarily. Indeed, the second dog can follow the first one and therefore develop bad habits. But, they can especially get bored together! If dogs like to have company and it can do them good, we can’t get another dog just in the hope that it will help the first one. Better to take a step back to see what needs to be met before deciding to take another dog.

8 To fill your loneliness

You are alone and you like to cuddle. Dogs attract you. So you decide to take one so as not to be permanently lonely. This is understandable. But that should not be the only reason to take an animal. Some situations are too emotional to think long term.

However, this does require a reflection. You can’t decide to take a dog today because you live alone and tomorrow you won’t take care of it because you have children. If loneliness, grief, boredom, isolation, inactivity like unemployment … is your reason for wanting to adopt a dog, it is a bad thing. This is because the dog is at risk of being put aside and becoming a burden when life turns around. The most common case is that of single people, who once in a relationship completely abandon their dog.

9 For fashion

You want a purebred dog to show off. Because it looks more stylish! Maybe it will even bring you some followers on your Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts! Oh and this breed is so obedient, we see it all the time on TV! This is one of the worst reasons. Again, every dog ​​is different and will have needs specific to their breed or personality. Tell yourself that internet fame is often fleeting and your dog will be in your life for more than 10 years. Plus, the dogs you see as obedience or photo cliché stars have often been trained and educated before they appear onscreen. Educating a dog is not for everyone and above all, it requires investment over several years.

10 You want the same breed as when you were little

You have kept the memory of the breed of the dog that you knew as a child. Or the breed of your deceased dog. Memories are often biased. Moreover, having known a representative of a breed is not enough to know that breed. Although the breed often takes its place in the genetics and character of the dog, the feelings and experiences of life build a dog’s personality. Wanting a dog of the same breed as the one that died is not the best idea. Because every dog ​​is different.

girl in white sitting on the ground with a chow chow dog
The childhood memories.

In short, there are as many good reasons as there are bad reasons to adopt a dog. Besides, each master can have their own good (or bad) reasons. You shouldn’t choose a dog on a whim. Everything must be considered for the well-being of the whole family (dog and human alike). We must prepare for the arrival of the dog, but also for the life he will share with us. In the end, it’s like preparing for the arrival of a child. The dog is not a toy to fill our lack of affection, nor is it a petting dispensary that has to stay in its basket all day or you simply have to go out into the backyard. Adopting should be a thoughtful, unselfish act of love.

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