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5 top tips for bathing your dog!

The hygiene of your dog is one of your primary responsibilities! In fact, just like in humans, hygiene in dogs will influence their longevity and well-being. You must therefore take care of your skin and coat on a daily basis. However, it is sometimes hard to bath your dog! So, how do you make this happen as naturally as possible? Here are a few tips !

1 Get your dog used to a bath

Obviously, it is necessary to teach your dog to remain calm in the tub or in the shower. Put a non-slip mat on the floor of the tub and shower. Use a step to facilitate your dog’s climb as needed.

Once ready, you will be able to use the lure technique. So take something to reward the dog (such as a toy or a treat). This reward should not get the dog too excited. Otherwise he risks injuring himself. Use your hand to lure the dog and encourage him to follow her. Bring it to the tub or shower. Once inside, reward him! Repeat this exercise several times, never turning on the water. Your dog should feel safe and associate the place with something fun.

Little by little, you will be able to turn on the water. Even if you get into difficulty with the exercise, you should remember to praise your dog and reward him for his patience.

rottweiler enjoying his bath

2 Be careful to manage the water

Adjusting the water jet is essential if you do not want to scare your dog. Assume that anything unnatural can scare your canine friend. You must therefore be careful and check that the water jet is not too powerful.

In addition, you should also touch the water before running it on your dog. This makes it possible to realize its temperature. It should neither be cold nor too hot. Test this water on your wrist. If the temperature is right, start by wetting your dog’s paws and gradually move up on his back.

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Oh no! The water got cold!

3 Use suitable products

A dog’s skin can be as fragile as ours. This means that to wash it you must use products suitable for its skin. The shampoo is both a care and a beauty product for the dog. It should therefore be chosen with care so that your dog does not encounter skin problems, such as an allergy.

Indeed, some products, such as shampoos for humans, can severely damage the skin of the dog. You must therefore choose a product suitable for your skin type and hair type with a neutral pH. Specific shampoos can be found in specialized stores or even at the veterinarian.

4 always stay calm

Obviously, many owners get angry with their dogs when it comes to washing them. It is not pleasant for anyone then. For all activities that you do with your dog, you must remain in control of your emotions or at least not subject your dog to this moment of sharing.

If your dog does not stay still, it is often because he has not been taught just about this or the dog is uncomfortable or afraid. All too often we forget that dogs don’t always understand what is expected of them. Getting upset can’t help it. Kindness and patience must be part of your exchanges.

5 Bring your dog to a suitable place

If you cannot wash your dog on your own and calmly, do not hesitate to bring him to a suitable place. Groomers are here to help. You can also find a “Dog Wash” in your area. These are baths made available in specific places, to allow owners to wash their dog with suitable equipment without going through a professional.

It can be a good compromise. Everything is available there: shampoos, the shower and often the blower to dry the dog.

Labrador wet after a shower
I am ready for a dryer!

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