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puppy bulldog in Santa Claus clothes nibbling on Christmas decoration

Noise and hazards for dogs during the Christmas holidays

Christmas is a holiday that often brings the family together! Most owners gladly include their dog in these festivities. But, around Christmas time there can be a lot of accidents and dog poisoning related to the holiday season.

Indeed, if for us Christmas is a celebration, it is not the case for our pets, which can put themselves in serious danger. We can no longer count the dogs fleeing the noise of fireworks or those who poison themselves with chocolate.

Here are the main hazards of Christmas for canines!

basset dog sitting next to a Christmas three
It sure is noisy this time of year!


Chocolate contains theobromine and caffeine, both of which can be toxic to pets like dogs. In case of indigestion, vomiting, diarrhea, heart problems and death can occur in dogs. If your pet dog consumes chocolate, it is urgent to call your veterinarian to ensure the good health of your pet. For that, be prepared to tell him the weight of your dog and how much chocolate he has ingested.

The ingestion of milk chocolate and dark chocolates is more dangerous than that of white chocolate. Some dogs may ingest a small amount of chocolate and feel good, others may develop vomiting, diarrhea, nervousness, hyperactivity, bloating and possibly death. No chocolate should be given to the dog. This includes foods like chocolate chip cakes and other treats.


Present in many drinks (carbonated and special holidays), it should never be ingested by your dog. Caffeine poisoning is rare in dogs. But they still exist! This is because caffeine stimulates the central nervous system and accelerates the heart rate. It can become the source of heart problems as well as the death of the animal.

Fruit cakes

Fruit cakes are also bad for our dog friends. Indeed, they often contain alcohol and dried fruits that are toxic to our dogs. This causes a drop in body temperature, blood sugar and blood pressure. Rising bread dough may cause blockage if swallowed. Yeast can also cause alcohol poisoning in animals. Please keep bread dough, fruit cakes, raisin cookies, rum cookies, and treats out of reach.

You should remind your guests not to share food with your pets. This is as much for their safety as to avoid having a dog calling out.


It is a common ingredient in candies and other sugar-free treats. Unfortunately, xylitol is extremely toxic to dogs. It causes liver failure and often death.

The candles

The dog does not have the same idea of ​​danger as we do. Therefore, he is not always aware that candles or the fireplace can be dangerous. Candles should be placed high up, where your dog cannot touch or knock them over. A dancing flame can be interesting for a young puppy. The dog can therefore burn itself out of curiosity. Be careful, long-haired dogs can inflame their coats. Burns can occur, but fires can be a greater danger in the home.


Some plants are just as dangerous. For example, Christmas cacti can cause unwanted effects in dogs. Animals that ingest these plants may experience gastric distress, such as vomiting and diarrhea. Usually, the dog will overcome this irritation within 24 to 48 hours. But, it is always wise to see your vet any time your pet has an upset stomach.

Christmas decorations

The Christmas tree garland, these shiny balls or even the LED garlands move very easily. They are very attractive items for our dogs. Ingested garlands can lodge in the stomach, preventing passage into the intestines. It can also wrap around the base of the tongue and cause serious injury and interfere with the ability to eat or drink. This can cut organic tissue as the intestines contract. Dogs can also choke on Christmas balls.

puppy bulldog in Santa Claus clothes nibbling on Christmas decoration
Yummy Christmas decoration!

Noise, adults and children

When the dog is afraid or stressed that is the most likely that he could bite someone. It doesn’t matter if your dog is stressed by people or noise, here are some recommendations.

Before the festivities, consider taking your dog for a long walk. This will allow him to defecate and tire normally. Even play games or exercise with him.
Set up a place of refuge where no one is allowed to go.
If your dog is with you, feel free to give him occupancy toys during the evening.
Also allow him to be able to ventilate himself to meet new needs. Indeed, as in humans, stress is one of the factors that makes you want to urinate.
Don’t take him to see the fireworks.
Do not leave children alone with the dog. Even if this one is nice (the child like the dog). Children often cannot read the dog’s calming signals. This is how they get bitten.
Educating a homeowner about the dangers of Christmas is the most effective way to avoid them.

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